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    The White Wolfe

    What We're Made Of.

    We are White Wolfe Martial Arts Merchandise and Sportswear. Established in Manchester UK 2018 when our founder combined her passion for sports and martial arts with her knowledge of textile design and manufacture. Since then our small family run company has been striving to bring you the very best clothing and equipment to help you succeed and grow whatever your sport or martial art discipline. Every day we are aiming to provide you with the very best, high quality, ethically sourced products at reasonable prices.

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    Why are we white Wolfe?

    Our indomitable spirit.

    Launching White Wolfe was a new beginning and a new journey, which in the martial arts community is signified by the colour white. We believe that marking our journey with the purity, curiosity, openness, intensity and the integrity that a white belt must have to progress further in their journey is something that we wanted to directly reflect in our name and image. The Wolf is a symbol in many cultures of courage, strength and loyalty. On top of this we believe the Wolf perfectly embodies the idea of indomitable spirit, a tenet that everyone here at White Wolfe lives their life by. And so forth The White Wolfe was born.

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    White Wolfe Performance

    Win The Fight.

    We understand that if your gear isn't the best, then you can't perform at your best wether it's in the ring or in training. Our Elite range of products ensure that you're getting the best of what you need when you need it most. Using hand selected equipment and materials in collaboration with our top designers, White Wolfe brings you a unique and well considered range of sportswear and equipment to enhance your competitive performance.

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    White Wolfe Casuals

    It’s A Lifestyle.

    Not only do we provide high quality gear for when you're in full training mode we know that this never really stops, sport and martial arts is a lifestyle.Therefor we have our casuals collection so you can be cool and comfy everyday. Sourcing only the best materials and equipment to create a more comfortable and stylish everyday range.

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    White Wolfe Pack

    We're A Family.

    White Wolfe have been proud sponsors of the British University Taekwondo League's Student National Team since 2018 providing high quality, custom designed clothing and equipment. White Wolfe is also the proud sponsor of the B.U.T.L. University Taekwondo World Championship event 2022.

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    White Wolfe Customs

    Brand Your Pack.

    White Wolfe design and make custom club and team kits from just T-shirts to full tracksuits to give your team an extra edge and stand out from the crowd. If you would like our design team to personally cater to your club or team please email us at -thewhitewolfe@outlook.com